Our Mirrors Our Mirrors

How often as women do we look in the mirror and suck in our stomachs, check out our butt and wish we had a little waist? How often do we long for the skin we had as children void of wrinkles and crinkles around our eyes and mouth? We women have such disdain for our appearances. Sometimes we are ok with the way we look. Sometimes we are proud of how an outfit flatters us. Sometimes we are glowing because we worked out so hard or followed that diet so closely. But most of the time what we say to ourselves about our bodies is not very kind. That is because we are biased. When we look into our mirrors we cannot seem to see what others see.

When our spouse looks at us they see someone else. When our children snuggle and love us they cuddle with someone else. When our best friends smile and hug us they know someone else. These people in our lives who love us dearly do not berate us or check out our weight or bags under our eyes. These people love us for who we truly are inside. The person who gives a shoulder to cry on, the one who they can call at all hours of the night, the one who drops everything to be with them when they are needed, the person, the best friend they will spend the rest of their lives with is you.

You are not a wrinkled, old, saggy, bulging, muffin top with a belly. You are a beautiful creation of God given to these people who love you so much. Your body is just skin, muscles, organs, fat and bones. What God gave you that they see is your soul. They feel your love, kindness and goodness; those elements that make you uniquely who you are today. You are so much more than what that mirror reveals to you each day. Your loved ones know it. They see your beauty and as much as they love you unconditionally God loves you even more.

No one of this earth will ever love you as much as God loves you. God looks at you with the unconditional love of a father. He only sees your beauty even when you cannot.

Today, try to notice the characteristics others love about you and instead of tearing yourself down attempt to build yourself up as a child of God.

Copyright 2012 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp