God in Our Friends God in Our Friends

God reveals Himself through others.  When I go for a long period of time without seeing my friends, I feel even more separated from God.  Other people in my life are glimpses into His eyes.  They speak truths, wisdom, and guidance that may help me get closer to Him and find my path.  Sometimes I may not listen closely enough, but God is there.  My friends' company and support uplifts me and gives me strength to strive for my purpose.

My husband and I recently set up a monthly wine club.  Each couple brings a bottle of wine and food to share.  This club was started in order to try new wines and enjoy spending time with our friends.  We successfully had our second wine club event, and the next one is already in the works.  We were disappointed when this last event was delayed, but it ended up turning out great.  Everyone had a wonderful time and they are looking forward to the next date.

When we are surrounded by other young married couples, we feel less alone in our lives.  There are other people we know who are going through similar trials.  Especially as a mom, it was comforting to talk to another young mother about parenting issues.  The more loved ones on our side, the more I feel God's presence and support behind us.  It is an important part of life to take advantage and be open in situations where God might be speaking.  He is always there, we just don't always notice His hand in everything.

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel