Pumpkin of Thankfulness Pumpkin of Thankfulness

As I await the pending birth of our family's very first grand-pumpkin :), I realize how much my family has to be thankful for this year. You just can't beat the gift of life, especially in these days when death is a justified option.

Pumpkins remind us seedlessly of these bountiful blessings.

This little pumpkin of thanksgiving craft (link below) can easily be done as a craft this Thanksgiving Day by the younger family members or on long orange strips around the Thanksgiving table by everyone then quickly pasted together and placed at the center of the table.

It may consist of only one pumpkin, one table, one family, and one day of the year but the blessings, like the seeds we scooped out when carving our jack-o-lanterns, show the abundance of life our God has given us.

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