Gifts for Guys: Catholic Edition

Last week, I published a gift giving guide for guys (they are so hard to buy for!). This week, I want to do another, but let's make it Catholic style this time. You see, I love shopping and I also love gift giving, but I also love my faith. A few months back, I read a quick meditation that really stuck with me and has (slowly) been changing the way I shop. It said:

"The next time you ponder a purchase, first ask yourself how it will serve your soul—or even if it will. Just because you can have something, doesn’t mean you should."

So, how can we live these words during this holiday season? What can we buy our guys (or any family member, really) that glorifies God? Here are my top five Catholic gifts for guys:

1. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
My guy isn't much of a reader; in fact, this is one of the very few series of books he has ever read and enjoyed. If your guy is looking for a good read, and he hasn't had the pleasure yet, get him hooked.

2. Power of a Praying Husband
This is a great book. Each chapter looks into a certain aspect of a wife's life and offers a beautiful prayer and Scriptures to pray for her. You could also buy this one for yourself, and pray for your husband (or future husband!) too.

3. Knot Rosary
We have a few of these at home. I have one in my car, and Mike and I each received one from the priest who married us. Our daughter now has one, and we will get one for our little one on the way. Why do we love these so much? They are comfortable (in case you, ahem, fall asleep on it while praying, ahem), durable, and for my husband, his is a manly blue. I love the one I linked too as well. It is very rustic looking.

4. Get a Papal Blessing or Offer a Mass
It makes a great stocking stuffer and a very thoughtful and powerful prayer.

5. St. Christopher Medal
I know there has been some debate over whether St. Christopher is still the Patron Saint of travelers. In my book, he still is. So, I love that my husband keeps one of these in his car. A little extra protection for my speed racer.

What are you buying for the men in your life this year?

Copyright 2012 Jenna Hines