Patiently Waiting to Celebrate Christmas

During Advent, we are bombarded with store advertisements of toys, electronics, and games.  Our society goes from a self-centered world to an unfriendly, fast-paced “me, me, me” mentality.  As quickly as I recycle the store advertisements before my son sees them, new ones are delivered.  The mountain of stuff that one could buy never seems to end.  Advent is a time for reflection, prayer, and fasting.  We are making our hearts ready for Jesus.

It is hard to stay focused when every weekend is packed with parties, shopping, or just the everyday errands, but we must do our best to pray for the strength in keeping our eyes on Jesus.  Christmas is not here yet, and we must remember to remain open to his coming.  The decorating and hanging of ornaments can wait.  Write out Christmas cards, but don't send them yet.  Wrap gifts, prepare the house, but don't sing Christmas carols.  Let's be patient in anticipation for our Lord's arrival.

Jesus does not ask that we celebrate during Advent.  The true feast begins on the eve of December 24 and lasts until the Epiphany of January 6.  This period from Christmas until the Epiphany is the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”  The time from The Epiphany to the baptism of Jesus is also part of the Christmas season.  Jesus wants us to get ready for him as we would any house guest.  Prioritize, make lists, and look forward to His coming.  We should be excited when He arrives and able in every way to enjoy His visit.  Jesus is the honorary guest of Christmas in which we are preparing our spiritual homes.  Our souls should be cleansed and ready to receive our Lord.  Step back and be patient.  Jesus will come on the same day He does every year, but He is already working with us in our hearts.

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel