Kristin and the Santa Secret Kristin and the Santa Secret

I am a believer.

I believe in the spirit of Santa Claus - I believe because I've seen his spirit in action so frequently, most notably again this week when our online friends came through and rescued Christmas for some deserving children. I met Santa's spirit through the incredibly generosity of my own parents and have endeavored to share it in loving fashion with my children.

And now, I've discovered the perfect tool for you to share with your loved ones! Kristin and the Santa Secret is an amazing little book for you to enjoy with your children. Here are a few summary details from the book's website:

  • Respects the “magical fun” that a family enjoys during the Santa years
  • Empowers children with a very personal explanation about Santa Claus
  • Reinforces the true meaning of Christmas – God’s loving gift of his only begotten son (John 3:16)
  • Explains how we can spread that love to our family and friends

The first time I read Kristin and the Santa Secret I fell in love with it! Since I received an extra copy, I'm going to give this gift away today - leave a comment below by midnight Pacific time today, December 20, 2012 and one winner will be randomly drawn to receive this booklet.

If you're a parent, please consider purchasing a copy of Kristin and the Santa Secret  to share with your children. Author Christopher Fenoglio and his wife Linda created this precious booklet based on their own experience of teaching their children about Santa Claus. Once you've enjoyed it, I believe it will become a cherished part of your family's Christmas traditions!

Visit for more information or order the book on Amazon to support with your purchase.

Update: Our winner is Stuart. Thanks for entering!

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