Editor's note: Again, I want to express our gratitude to Rebecca Even and the family at www.LiveTheTwelveDays.com for their sponsorship this month here on CatholicMom.com! Rebecca wrote today with the following exciting news! LMH

www.LiveTheTwelveDays.com www.LiveTheTwelveDays.com

Our Father Gave To Us The Twelve Days of Christmas, arrives on ITUNES on the 11th Day of Christmas!

Now you can add the angelic voices of the Carpool Choir, arranged by Eric Genuis, to your music library for only  $0.99
To listen go to the ITunes Library - search "Our Father Gave To Us The 12 Days of Christmas" -- Sorry I can not figure out how to make a link yet : )
Peace and Blessings,
P.S.  For Epiphany house blessing and how to mark your door with chalk visit our website -- and please pass on to anyone you think may enjoy it!