103_0008 January is the month dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus with the actual feast day falling on January 3 this year. It is celebrated in January because eight days after the birth of Jesus, he would have been circumcised and his name would have been announced. There are hundreds of names and symbols that we, as Catholic Christians use to identify Jesus and January is a month in which we can give special praise to Him for being our Savior, Redeemer, Protector, and sweet Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

This craft, celebrating the Holy Name of Jesus combines the actual name “Jesus” with a picture of Jesus serving the first Eucharist. It is a simple craft that children of all ages will enjoy.

Items Needed:
Holy Name of Jesus Printable
• Photograph of Jesus printed as full page

• Paper cutter or scissors and ruler
• Glue
• 2 pieces of construction paper taped together lengthwise

First, cut the photograph and the name of Jesus as closely to 8 inches wide as possible. Then stack them on top of one another and cut into 1 inch strips, keeping them together. You can number the strips at this point but I found it was easy to piece together as long as I kept the name piece with the photo piece.


Spread glue all over the construction paper and begin piecing the strips onto the construction paper, keeping the bottom of the strips even with the bottom of the construction paper. Begin with the name strip and then place the photo strip that is stacked with it. Repeat with the next set of strips until all of the strips have been placed.


Finally, cut off the excess construction paper at the end of the artwork and you are finished!

Copyright 2013 Alicia Hart