Enough for God Enough for God

At times I feel alone,
yet so loved.
So unworthy of His love
and sacrifice.
A selfish human being
living in sin;
I am imperfect.

How is it that He humbled Himself,
but I have trouble caring?
Too concerned with possessions
I find myself in darkness.
When I start to change myself for good,
I end up a step behind.

Praying to be a better person,
but never feeling anything.
The daily grind haunting me
and clouding my mind.
Helpless, yet strong,
a strength that comes from God alone.
Yet never enough.

Enough passion
or commitment.
Enough mother,
or person.
Enough is enough.
To God I am more than enough.

I must have faith
that He needs me
as much as others do.
Trying hard not to focus
on my shortcomings,
for they are many.
My talents are my strengths,
though they are few.

But through my talents
I will find myself in God.
For He gave me my gifts
with good reason
and I need to trust in His providence.

Copyright 2013 Tanya Weitzel