t4realText4RealSex (http://www.Text4RealSex.org) is a not-for-profit Catholic organization that sends free, private text messages to your cell phone that help you (and/or your teen) incorporate Theology of the Body into your sexual identity.  Messages are sent once per week, and you can opt-out anytime.  As a pediatrician, I am breathing a sigh of relief that I finally have a free Theology of the Body resource that really integrates into anyone’s life, no matter how busy you are.  Text4RealSex is awesome for anyone just learning Theology of the Body, or for TOB veterans who need a weekly 60 second refresher course.  To sign up, text “REALSEX” to 313131 from  your cell phone.

Last month the American Academy of Pediatrics even wrote a policy statement suggesting that all pediatricians prescribe the morning-after pill to all adolescent females at each well-child check, just in case they need it.  Pediatricians prescribe birth control, refer for abortions, and treat STDs.  We’re taught in medical school that masturbation is alright and to encourage experimentation with same-sex relationships.  I’ve been a pediatrician now for almost ten years, and I love my profession, but my heart aches each times my profession refuses to recognize that such permissive views on sexuality will only hurt our children in the long-run.  As Catholics, we can’t just tell our kids to “Just say no” to sex.  We have to teach them why to say “no” to premarital sex.  How can we really do that?

Text4RealSex draws together resources from many Theology of the Body authors and speakers including but not limited to Christopher West, Sr. Helena Burns, and of course, Blessed John Paul II.  Weekly text messages go to your teen’s cell phone (or yours!) and often include links to YouTube videos and websites.  You can also follow Text4RealSex on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/text4real) or Twitter (@Text4RealSex).

Please try this out and let me know what you think!

Copyright 2013 Kathleen Berchelmann, M.D.