How Much is Enough? How Much is Enough?

…My grace is sufficient for you…2 Corinthians 12:9 

I read an article once about a family that had a special tradition.  Each time someone got something new, they had to give something away to make room for it. To tell you the truth, I thought that sounded a little crazy at first.  As the days passed, I continued to think about that family, I realized that they understood the concept of “enough”.

We live in a world that has us programmed for bigger, better, faster, easier and over the top.  It seems like those concepts apply to everything from the size of our living room TV to the speed of our technology.  It’s no wonder we as a society have lost track of the concept of “enough” and have become a restless people.  We worry about investments, savings accounts, college funds and retirement plans. The pressure of getting, keeping and managing all of our “stuff” is stressful!  I’d like to suggest that we all “back up the truck” and think for a minute about enough.

In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul was trying to explain that God and His loving grace is sufficient, or enough.  When we make our list of what we need or what we want, how often do we remember to take inventory of God’s graces and blessings?  Do we need 15 pairs of shoes, 20 outfits and a bigger TV, or do we have enough?  Could it be that what we really need is to spend more time building a relationship with the Father and trusting in His goodness, compassion and grace?   Do you suppose a bigger chunk of our day spent connecting with God will make us more successful and comfortable than money and things?

God loves us and wants us to be happy but He doesn’t want us to lose track of the important things in life.   He is the designer of generosity and He wants to bless us with good things, but He encourages us to trust in Him and realize that He is enough…the rest will fall into place as long as we have Him.

A seed to plant:  Make a list of the things you have “enough” of, then find ten things you have more than enough of and share them with those who don’t have enough.

Blessings on your day!

Copyright 2013 Sheri Wohlfert