I know we have many Catholic fiction fans, as well as dozens of talented writers who visit our site each day, so when I received the following email from Tuscany Press, I knew you'd be interested in reading it! Interested Catholic fiction fans are invited to contact Peter J. Mongeau, the Publisher at Tuscany Press. Happy Reading! LMH

Dear Catholic Fiction enthusiast,

Tuscany Press has purchased and relaunched, a Catholic fiction book review site. will serve as the place to find new Catholic fiction books, read author interviews, and learn about the great classic Catholic fiction books.

slider1We have Contemporary Sundays, when we will post a review of a contemporary Catholic fiction book. Also, we have Classic Wednesdays, when we will post a review of a Classic Catholic fiction book.

Please visit and discover what we consider the Top 25 Classic Catholic Fiction books.  Also, Flannery O'Connor was not only one of the greatest Catholic fiction writers, she wrote hundreds of book reviews.  Please see the book reviews by Flannery O'Connor.

Also, we need your help!  Please consider becoming a Book Reviewer.  We have a need for over 130 book reviews, all classic Catholic fiction. The list includes The Movie Goer by Walker PercyThe Violent Bear It Away by Flannery O'Connor and others.  See list.

It is voluntary, but you would have your own Book Reviewer page, with links to your website.  See Become a Book Reviewer.

Visit our new website: for more details.


Peter J. Mongeau
Publisher, Tuscany Press, LLC