As ebooks become more popular, a number of different devices are fighting for the top spot.  Unfortunately, the manufacturers are also fighting over the right standards for ebook files, which can make managing an ebook library difficult.

Have you owned more than one ereader or tablet?  Did you find that some file formats were not compatible with your new device?  Or, have you bought an ebook only to find that it wouldn’t work with your ereader?

Enter Calibre.

Calibre is an open source, ebook management system that can be installed on almost any desktop or laptop.  Whether it’s a Mac, Windows PC, or a Linux box, Calibre will run seamlessly.  There is even an option to install it on a thumb drive used with Windows.

Calibre Ebook Management

What advantages does Calibre offer?

First, you can now manage your entire library in one place.  If you have ebooks on multiple devices, you can now store them in one spot for safe keeping.  This makes protecting and backing up your files much easier.

Second, Calibre allows you to convert your ebooks to formats that will work with most devices.  Frustrated that you can’t add an ebook to your Kindle?  Convert it to a Kindle-friendly format, and away you go.

With each conversion, you will want to make sure that everything converted correctly, but the system even allows you to manage and edit the metadata, such as the cover image, tags, author, and title.  Quite a powerful tool.

Of course, these options would be meaningless if syncing your content with your device was difficult.  Calibre takes care of that, as well.  With compatible drivers for the most popular devices, Calibre seamlessly connects and manages your library through a USB connection.  There is also an option for connecting directly to iTunes.

The system would not be complete without a fully functional ebook viewer – for those times that you want to read an ebook straight from your desktop or laptop.

Calibre is an open source project, which means it has some occasional bugs, and the interface does take some getting used to, but overall, the system works great for those who are serious about being an avid e-librarian.

For my fellow ebook readers, Calibre is a must-own piece of software.  Download the software today, and take some time playing with its features.  It might be the best $0.00 you’ve ever spent on your library.

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Copyright 2013 Chad R. Torgerson