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This past weekend I went on a retreat with MOPS International. It was our local chapter, so there were only eight of us. We got to spend the night in a Lodge at a beautiful campground that I also happened to grow up attending.

I loved how laid-back and low-key everyone was. There were some fascinating stories, plenty of laughter, and great conversation. We played Apples to Apples, ate very good food, went on a nature walk, and made some crafts.

The conversation veered and varied from childbirth, raising toddlers, to memories, and family dynamics. The conversation felt so natural and real. Very honest, open, and sincere.

I stood by the fire to warm my hands, loving the smell of the smoke and the real wood-burning fireplace.

The simple decor and the uncluttered lodge spoke to me of simplicity, relaxation, and comfort.

The leadership considered getting the weekend catered, but talked over costs and decided to make the food. One girl offered to make a delicious meal Friday night- pecan and coconut crusted chicken, green beans, cheese-potatoes, and brownies with icecream for dessert. Another person made breakfast casserole and muffins for the next morning. A third offered to make lunch. Delicious baked potato soup.

Getting away felt so needed and so refreshing. It was only overnight, but sometimes that is the best thing. We made the most of the short time, and we did some serious socializing.

I'm thankful for MOPS. If you aren't a member of your local chapter, do some research and consider attending. You will not feel that you're wasting your time~ at all.

Copyright 2013 Tacy Beck