Not So Smart! Not So Smart!

Trust  in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not.  Proverbs 3:5

At St. Mary’s school, the first of each month means a project.  All twelve big hallway bulletin boards are prepared with a focus on one central theme which changes each time we flip the calendar.  You might find it funny to know that when I was a freshman in college I specifically remember choosing to teach High School because I didn’t want to mess with all those bulletin boards you find in an elementary classroom!   Now I teach 1st grade and have 8 bulletin boards inside my room and the giant one in the hall…God is hilarious isn’t He!  Last February our theme was God’s Love…not too tough right…well I had this great idea that I thought the kids would get in a snap!  I was feeling pretty smart about the whole thing until I explained it to the kids and I got nothin’ but that “deer in the headlights” look from every single one of them!  I’ve been teaching long enough to know when the ship is sinking and I need to bail before I drown...I was there!  In a flash I said, “Ok God, I wasn’t so smart here…send me something quick that will honor You and teach all who see this project about Your love, show me what to do, send Your Holy Spirit quickly with a good idea!”  Bing…just like that the idea came.  I looked at the kids and said, “You know what kids, the Holy Spirit just sent me a great idea, let’s try it again.”  I explained the new idea and the little boy in the back corner smiled and said, “Mrs. Wohlfert, next time why don’t you just ask God first instead of wasting time trying to think things up on your own.” Brilliant boy!

My mission with these bulletin boards is always to reveal something new and amazing about God to my students, they are truly a teaching tool and I take these projects seriously because they are a priceless opportunity.  With that in mind, we got started.  I explained how I would draw a giant heart for the center of the board which would contain the words “I see God’s love…”  Each child would get their picture taken holding that giant heart and then in a small heart, they would have to write the words that completed the idea.  After I had carefully explained the instructions, I asked if anyone knew how they were going to finish the sentence.  I was prepared to help them stretch their ideas and invite them to dig deeper. I was quite sure I’d have to assist them in their thinking.  Once again God must have been just laughing at me because the first child I called on blew me out of the water with his answer!  I should have seen it coming too because he was an amazing little boy whose faith was so enormous that sometimes it would swallow me up!  He raised his hand and said, “Mrs. Wohlfert, this is the easiest question you’ve asked us all year, I see God’s love…(pause and grin from him)…when I see Jesus on the cross.  I couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down my cheeks!   But wait…it gets better…the little girl next to him put her arm around his shoulder and said, “That’s the best answer ever in the world!”

As I sat and listened to my class one by one announce their thoughts I was astounded!  Each answer revealed another great nugget of God’s grace and love.  As I dismissed them to their seats to begin, I sat in my chair a minute and wondered….ok…so who’s the teacher here…who is the smart one?  It all became clear, that two second prayer of trust, even if it was offered as a plea out of desperation, gave me the truth spoken in this verse from Proverbs.  I look back on that day and realize that if God can be trusted to help with little bitty things like a first grade bulletin board, He is certainly equipped to tackle the big things like finances, relationships and whatever else we think we smart enough to handle on our own!

A seed to plant:  Prayerfully find one situation you struggle with and stop in your tracks and say the words “Father I trust you, Father I love you, please send your Holy Spirit and take charge of this.”  Put Proverbs 3:5 in action!

Copyright 2013 Sheri Wohlfert