A Mommy Star Chart A Mommy Star Chart

Last month I shared the start chart that my kids and I made to promote good behavior.  If you missed the article, I basically went crazy with dicuts of “treats” and velcroed them to a chart.  Each child gets to pick the treat they’re working for and then attach it on the star chart as a reminder.  The charts are working really well and the kids are having fun picking their “treats” and then working for them.

This month I’ll be talking about a “Mommy Star Chart.” I have to preface this by saying that I can’t take any credit for this idea, but instead have to give all the credit to my 5 year-old daughter.

A few weeks after we started the kid’s star charts, my daughter was acting up and I was trying to patiently discipline her, but it wasn’t working very well.  After some time has passed, and we were driving in the car, my daughter said, “Mommy you need a star chart.”  I was taken aback and asked her why – she replied that then I could get stickers when I was patient with her. “You can get a sticker when you’re patient with me, when I’m upset or angry.”  I was shocked, to say the least, but started to think about it.  (As a side note, I did explain to her that being patient can mean ignoring her during a tantrum and that being patient does not mean I let her get away with everything.)

But now I have to think through the logistics of this idea.  It’s a great visual way for me to constantly be examining my parenting skills (even when I might not want to admit my shortcomings) but where will I put the chart?  I thought about letting my daughter give me the stars, but I think she’ll miss use this as a way to battle/control the situation.  I’d like to open this idea up to further discussion, so please take a moment to share your thoughts on a Mommy Star Chart.  I’m trying to get myself to try the idea for Lent, we’ll just look past the fact I’m over a week late J I’ll look forward to sharing ideas about the Mommy Star Chart and discussing our growth together!

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