f-conflict_6I recently came across this article at ThrivingMen.com about called Improve Your Relationships Today By Avoid These 5 Miserable ActionsI love this list! It really points out how ridiculous we can be sometimes.

All 5 of his "Miserable Actions" are really quite funny, made even more humorous because we all know that we do these things with the people who are closest to us.

This list perfectly illustrates how small irritations (when we don't get our way) can quickly escalate into an unfortunate break in relational harmony.

The really sad thing is when this little tiffs don't get resolved quickly and too much time goes by afterward; the relationship then gets distance and it becomes even harder to reconcile. So a simple squabble can end up alienating you from those you love for longer than what the original quibble was even worth. I'm sure you all can think of times where this has happened in your past relationships.

This article was a great reminder for this Lent and Easter season, that in the Lenten spirit of sacrifice we should adopt, in a more deliberate and pronounced way, a self-denial that puts up with how others may inconvenience or annoy us.  Fasting from our own preferences is a great way to develop the virtues of patience and humility which enable us to put others before ourselves, even in life's little annoyances.

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