Maybe you've been asked to serve as a Godparent in the past: you are a "good person", you go to church regularly, and you're related to or have been friends with the baby's parents. You show up on the day of the Baptism, enjoy the sacramental moment, pose for pictures, and then life goes on for both you and your Godchild. Have you made the most of the promises you've professed to be a spiritual support to this child for life? Hopefully many of you have answered yes to that question, but if not, it's time for you to check out Becoming a Great Godparent: Everything a Catholic Needs to Know from our very own Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle. Here's the blueprint:

The perfect combination of gift book and guide, for every man or woman asked to take on this enormous and blessed responsibility. Lively and informative. Easy-to-read. Explains who is eligible to be a godparent and how to be a great one, offers a brief history of godparenting, reflects on how the whole parish remains involved, suggests prayers and blessings for you and your godchild, and concludes by answering four commonly asked questions, such as “What if I disagree with how the parents are raising my godchild – should I say something?” and “I am a sincere Protestant Christian believer. Why can’t I be the godparent to the child of my best friends, who are Catholic?”

When asked to endorse this book, I said of it:

This is the book I wish I’d had ten years ago when I became a godmother for the very first time. Make the most of this precious relationship as you help lead your godchild—and yourself—closer to Christ.

If you're a parent, buy this book for the special Godparents in your life. It's not too late at any time to enter into the true nature of what it means to be a Godparent. If you're someone who has served -- or will serve -- in this capacity, buying this book will be a great gift to both your Godchild and your own spiritual life.

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