1389990_shields_2Consider this dialogue between 2 students in a high school hallway:

Why aren’t you wearing purple today?

Why should I?

It’s solidarity day. We are supposed to show support for gays and lesbians.

I’m supportive of all individuals, but I don’t support the gay/lesbian agenda to transform families and re-define morality and marriage.

Oh. You’re one of those bigots aren’t you?! You want to force your morality on everyone else. Come on…don’t be like that. You have no right to judge them. Your own religion says “Judge not least you be judged…” Besides the teachers support this and give extra credit for everyone wearing purple. So here. Wear this tie.

Does this sound farfetched? Or is this already a frequent conversation in the hallways at your children’s school?  Ask your teens--are they getting help in responding to this pressure to join the various causes to redefine morality? Do they talk about this in their Confirmation classes? If not, why not?

To be “confirmed in the faith” should mean they have been equipped with the tools to defend our Lord—that we have put on the armor of Christ. This does not mean being angry and hostile. But it should mean that our young people can stand up for Truth.

Great Britain legalized same sex marriage in February.  Teachers in Canada are promoting a “gender continuum curriculum.” Have you read about the six year old boy who is said to be “transgendered”? His parents want to support “whatever the child is actualizing to be” and so have allowed him to act as a girl, call himself a girl, and have talked to him about a sex change operation.  Sadly this isn’t an isolated incident. Just type in “transgender children.”

What kind of parenting considers gender on a “continuum” and seeks surgery to re-create a child? And what kind of country rejects the meaning and sacredness of the marriage union?

Marriage has been around for 2000 years as a sacred ceremony calling on God to help two people in their lifetime of commitment, and devotion to family.  But today,  “marriage” is being reduced to a common union built on desire and convenience. Marriage is being reduced to legal finagling to join whichever people desire to come together for however long such a joining can last. No god, no devotion, no sacrament, no commitment to what is best for children.

Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?  Why are there various Biblical quotes condemning homosexuality?  Was God mistaken in the Bible?

St Augustine said, "If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe--but yourself."

I suspect our Confirmation programs and our few (are they happening anywhere?) Adult Ed. programs need some serious overhauling to confront the active assaults on parenting, marriage, morality and Truth.

In order to reclaim truth we will need to respond to the confused muddle of convenience-based, self-serving agendas. I hear some of those students talking again:

I don’t want the purple tie. Thanks.

So you’re sticking with your bigotry then?

You said I am not allowed to judge others. But you are judging and condemning me right now.

Well, I guess I am. But gays have been judged for centuries. It’s time for a change.

I don’t believe sexual attraction makes up the total identity of any person. I am a struggling student who gets Cs, but that doesn’t define who I am. I don’t go around saying “equal rights for C students. Grades are discrimination.” My friend has diabetes but that’s not her whole identity either. My faith, as well as historical reality, tells us that homosexuality shouldn’t be promoted as a basis for families and the raising of children. The people who feel that inclination have choices to make. But hey, we all have struggles and choices! I’m striving to be a better student. My friend with diabetes has learned to control her blood sugar levels. Let’s respect each other as human beings and offer help and compassion…but not purple ties.

Copyright 2013 Judith Costello