3 Things I Dislike About Being Sick 3 Things I Dislike About Being Sick

1.  I don't feel like myself.

I am unable to accomplish daily tasks with the same energy as normal.  This lack of zest gets the best of me and leads to frustration.  I am accustomed to always being on the go, but sickness stops me from continually moving.  My attitude toward others is more negative because of how I feel physically.  My level of interaction is also decreased since I don't feel like saying or doing much.

2.  I am forced to slow down and rest.

Lent is a great time to fast from doing too much, but my type A personality can't stand not finishing everything on my to-do list.  I have a difficult time asking for help and sitting still for a long period.  Resting a sickness is a power struggle on my part.  I become aggravated with my disabilities and being forced to stay put.  I am trapped within my own house and want to get out.

3.  I have to miss out.

Whether it be a grocery store sale, a party or other special event, being sick prevents me from going to it.  There were certain sales I wanted to make it to this past week, but the winter storm and my sickness got in the way.  My husband and I also couldn't attend our town's monthly event for the same reasons.  Though, I dragged my weak body to the writers' conference.  Once you pay, you are expected to attend because there are no refunds.  I tried to enjoy the conference as much as I could, despite my illness.  I am glad I lasted through the day because this specific conference only happens once a year.

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