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A few nights ago, my boys were almost in bed.  Those few, precious moments for me to pray, clean and get my writing done were about to begin.  I tucked in my oldest one and the baby had long been a sleep.  My middle child (why is it always the middle one that gives you trouble?) had seemed like he was going to stay in his bed, but as bed time was getting real he looked me straight in the eye and asked the heavy question on his little heart, “Mom, can I sleep with you in your bed?”

Now, I love my children and I do love a good snuggle, but in that moment, I paused.  There were so many things I had saved to do well into the night as they slept.  But his little request, done politely and with the best intentions made me realize that really, all those things could wait.  Carefully, I tucked us in the covers and suddenly, he grabbed my neck tight and whispered these precious words, “Mom, you are my favorite girl!”  I loved him more that moment than I think I ever had.

What is our response to someone else extending themselves to us in love?  Do we want to wrap our arms around that someone’s neck and just gush with emotion too?

Thankfully, I had an opportunity to attend a retreat lately titled “The Beloved of God: A Woman’s Response to Love” by Dan Jurek, a wonderful licensed therapist.  The day helped me process some things weighing heavily on my heart.  Some tidbits I received that glorious Saturday I spent learning about God I will share with you today.

“The Core of being beloved is to be embraced by God.  We were created by love, for love, and to love.  You cannot love very well if you have not experienced love.”

Our society has become so outcome based, based on what you can perform not WHO YOU ARE.

Where, I wonder, does “being loved” fit into our lives?

Think of all your titles you may hold, mother, wife, daughter, teacher, CEO, team captain and so on.  I bet your to do list is full of things to make those titles valid or successful and you are probably thinking of a few other things that just have to be done today.

How about asking yourself WHEN are you going to let GOD love you today?

Self rejection is the biggest enemy sometimes.  Being beloved by God goes against Original Sin- the core of our existence.  We may put walls up to the unconditional love from God that is coming our way, but it doesn’t mean that love isn’t flooding the gates!

This video clip was powerful too….

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“Let nothing separate you from God. He formed you just the way you are.  He wants me to pursue the passions of my heart.”  Just as I hopefully am a little more able to accept love today, may your heart also be ready to say yes to God’s unconditional love too!

Copyright 2013 Laura Buller