Here's something super awesome...a new app that will be out on April 8...iIncarnate.

incarnate app avail

The concept:

God became Man and dwelt among us. iIncarnate is an app that allows you to journey with Christ in the womb of Mary beginning on the Annunciation and ending on Jesus’ birth. Experience the miracle of LIFE and walk with Jesus each week of His development as He prepares to enter the world.

It's a devotional that can change your life:

Jesus was in Mary’s womb for nine months. He became one of us. Each week you will receive progress on baby Jesus’ development, a daily scripture reading connecting with that week, and a personal call to action.

Whether you're pregnant or you just want a different way to connect with Jesus in Mary's womb, this app looks rockin awesome.

I was particularly touched by the story of how the app came to be:

We met each other back in April of 2010 and married in September of 2011. Last year we went through Italy for two weeks. It was the trip of a lifetime. We are expecting our first child this April and couldn’t be more excited. The idea of this app came to me during Christmas of 2012. Celebrating the Incarnation of Jesus and seeing our baby beginning to form, It really hit home the reality of Jesus becoming one flesh. My desire is for others through this app to have a greater devotion to Jesus and to better appreciate the beauty of Life.

Here's a little more about it, in the developer's own words:

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It gets released on April 8. Be sure to sign up on their website so that you get the alert as soon as it's available.

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