Writing through the Stress of Starting Homeschooling Writing through the Stress of Starting Homeschooling

Stress can create writer's block.  It seems to shut out the truth from being set free.  I have a difficult time discovering what is bugging me when a lot is going on in my life.  Just living in the moment becomes a challenge.  Poetry is easier to produce as my feelings take up most of my reflective time.  But they are just feelings.  I can react more rationally if I remember that my feelings don't define me.

We have recently started homeschooling our 4-year-old son using the Kindergarten Catholic Heritage Curricula.  It was a struggle last week to get our son to sit for even a short period of time since he wanted to play with his new birthday toys.  Today our school time went more smoothly since his new toys are now a week old.  I also credit his birthday party last week with creating his tired attitude that prevented him from wanting to learn.  I had already been teaching him letters, numbers, math, and religious education, but now I actually have a curriculum to follow and stick to.  My husband helps teaching some of the religious education and enjoys watching our son learn about God.  Homeschooling will always have its stressful times, but it is worth trying to pursue.

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