Editor's note: For so many mothers and women, the annual celebration of Mother's Day is a time filled with grief and pain. For families who have lost a child to miscarriage, still birth or infant death, a new and very special ministry has been formed to support and encourage healing and renewal. I'm pleased to share the following article by Embrace Ministry co-founder Sara Champi. Please note the special memorial Mass being held on May 9th in Hanford, California and visit www.embracefresno.com for more information on this special apostolate. LMH

embrace fresnoThe Embrace Ministry has been formed to embrace families who have lost children through miscarriage, still birth, and infant death. It is our mission to provide comfort, support, and education. Embrace is an act of helping families embrace the loss of their child through acknowledgment and respect, while continuing life on earth without them.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Memorial and Healing Mass

St. Brigid's Embrace Ministry will celebrate the first annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Memorial and Healing Mass on Thursday May 9th at 6:00pm. There will be a reception with refreshments and information immediately following in the Parrish Hall. This mass is being offered for anyone who has suffered the loss of a child, no matter what stage of life they attained.

National Infant Loss Remembrance Day Walk

In Mid-October each year, Embrace will host a walk and prayer service. This is the day when parents come together and are embraced by the love and support of their family and friends. Our walk for 2013 is set for October 12th.

Christmas Gathering

Bereaved families are invited to join us for our Christmas Gathering as we celebrate the life of your little one. We will discuss ways to cope with the holidays and ways to remember your baby during this time of year. During the gathering we will be making a remembrance ornament and will have a candle lighting ceremony. Our date for 2013 is December 19th.

Infertility Workshops

Woven into the very fabric of marriage is the desire to bring children into the world. Among the most painful and distressing problems a husband and wife can encounter is the heartache and worry that arise when they find themselves with serious difficulties in conceiving a child. We will schedule workshops on dealing with infertility.

Life Certificates

Embrace offers families a Certificate of Life to honor and remember the brief life of their baby. The baby's name will also be entered into the Book of Life Register.

Support Group

Families are invited to join support groups. They offer opportunities for families to share with each other and encourage each other. You will also have opportunities to join together in prayer and hear from people with experience in dealing with loss.

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