To be perfectly honest, I started blogging because someone I know said you could earn from it. I soon found out that was not necessarily true (I got rejected by Google Adsense for some strange reason!). Once I started blogging though, I found that I enjoyed it — even if I wasn't earning anything! :) So I kept at it, primarily to chronicle our days on mission in Timor and our homeschooling adventures. I also looked at it as a way to share how good God has been, and still is, to me and my family.

Little did I know that once I started blogging and writing just as I was, and just as I am, with no hidden agendas, God would use my little ol' blog in little and big ways. Starting 2012, He even allowed me to partner with some amazing businesses and brands, all of which have been great blessings to our family.

I was on Blogger for quite a while, and have finally taken the "leap" and moved to my new "home." :) All in line with my new blogging goals, my blogging "mission" if you will.

My old blog header :)

In line with the Church's call to New Evangelization, I hope and pray that by blogging about our Catholic faith and how our family is trying to live it out every day, especially through homeschooling and active community life, God can encourage and inspire others, especially Catholics here in the Philippines and elsewhere, to live truly rich and blessed lives. I know it seems so idealistic, but I just leave everything in God's hands.

Copyright 2013 Tina Santiago-Rodriguez