Catholic Survival Gifts Review and Giveaway Catholic Survival Gifts Review and Giveaway

One of the perks of running a Catholic family business, attending Catholic conferences and running the Catholic Bloggers Network website, is finding new and exciting initiatives: other enthused Catholics creating awesome Catholic products!  I am so excited to shout out about these awesome Catholic Survival Kits!

These Catholic Survival Kits are available in three different editions: Basic (English Adult), Spanish (Adult) and Kids.  Each kit has a different selection of awesome Catholic prayers, devotionals and Sacramentals, all neatly assembled in a cool, stamped, draw-string canvas bag.

catholic_survival_kits_in_a_boxI was so impressed by these kits, that I started taking pictures of them before I got them out of the box!

I love the great quality stuff in these kits…and they really include all the basics! This would be an awesome gift for First Sacrament and RCIA candidates, a gentle (but cool) nudge for college kids (living away from home for the first time) …and any family or friend who might be thinking about coming back to the Church.

This is a great evangelization tool…with such a cool form factor that it will likely draw people in … without turning them away.

catholic survival kit basic The Basic Edition

The Spanish Edition The Spanish Edition

The Kids Edition The Kids Edition

I had a plan to save this one as a gift for one of my Godchildren…but I couldn’t resist the deck of prayer cards: I had to open it up!

This kit includes a deck of  ”saint wallet cards”: full color, shiny cards with a classic illustration of a saint on one side and a special prayer for the saint’s intercession on the back. There are three sets of 18 different saint cards in each deck…so they are easily shared among family and friends, saint card albums and holy card collections.

I am so happy to discover these awesome Catholic Survival Kits and the nice people who make them have generously offered THREE kits for my Catholic Survival Kits Giveaway!  Giveaway ends June 18, 2013!

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