Lent is here!

Just in case you haven't chosen your LENTEN resolutions, here are four ideas, as part of our 40 Ways for 40 Days over at Equipping Catholic Families.

 Stepping Stones through Jesus' Life

Stepping Stones through Jesus' Life represents the Countdown Crafts and programs. We also have three Saints, Prayer and Catechism paper chains in one craft kit, but this Stepping Stones craft uses little pebbles that are fun to arrange, each with Scripture capturing an event in Jesus' Life. By placing the pebbles on the path to Easter, children have a tangible way of seeing how many days of Lent have passed and how many more there are to go until Easter!



Passion Play Peg People is a painting craft using wooden pegs, an ice cream tub and a wooden cross from the craft store (you could use popsicle sticks instead!) By painting Jesus, Mother Mary, some Apostles, Pontius Pilate and some soldiers, you provide the perfect stage for acting out the Passion. The ice cream tub easily converts to the tomb and offers easy storage for the figures when they're done!

 Good Deed Bead Bracelet

Good Deed Bead Bracelets are a great way to keep track of prayers, good deeds and sacrifices we make during Lent. We have made a suede cord bracelet that even adults wear, but here is a tutorial for the Simple Good Deed Beads Bracelet that is fun for kids to make and use!

Weight of the Cross


Weight of the Cross prompts us to reflect on our sin...or when we falter in our Lenten sacrifices, slowly adding little rocks to a box. As Good Friday draws near, we feel the weight of our sins, the sins that Jesus died for. The box is empty on Easter Sunday (or perhaps filled with flowers) to show how Jesus conquers our sin through His Resurrection.

40 Ways for 40 Days
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