What I Love about Being a Mom What I Love about Being a Mom

The hubby and the kids are asleep and I thought I’d wax sentimental for a bit and write about why I love being a mom. Indeed, motherhood really does change you — in more ways than you realize — not just for one day, but forever.

I have been a mean mom too many times since Lent began. In an attempt to “be all and do all,” I have forgotten again that my main purpose and mission in life is to mold my children’s little hearts and souls to be “after God’s own heart.” (Forgive me, Lord!)

Which is why I want to write about being a mom. And why, despite the countless days when I wonder what I ever did to deserve my kids, I am grateful to God for blessing me with them. Little Timothy and Therese, this one is for you!

10 Things I Love about Being a Mom

1. Motherhood makes me grateful for God’s perfect, unconditional love (and aware of my oh-so-imperfect-conditional love) every day. And makes me yearn for Him even more.

2. After having given birth naturally to both kids and breastfeeding each child for more than two years, I know for a fact that God created us male and female for a specific purpose and divine design. Being a mom has made me love being a woman more.

3. No matter how many times I scold, shout, spank (oh yes! we sometimes spank our kids but not much anymore), spit out commands and unkind words and sin, at the end of the day, I am forgiven. By my kids and by my God. (As long as I sincerely and humbly seek their forgiveness.)

4. Hugs, kisses, smiles, whispers, 20 (and more!) questions, hours of reading books aloud become the highlights of my day (when I am not at the office).

5. Seeing the two kids snuggle with their Papa while he’s reading them a favorite “Dad-and-Child” book makes me fall in love all over again — with all three of them!

6. Funnily enough, being a mom has opened up a whole new world for me — writing. Not just on my personal blog but elsewhere online and offline. Motherhood has helped me discover my core gift, my true passion for communication. And life has never been the same again.

7. Motherhood connects you with other women who are also moms — suddenly, you’re part of this “unofficial, worldwide club” of women who have borne the gift of life in their wombs and are {shakily, reverently, cluelessly} doing their best to raise their children. And you know that you are not alone in this journey.

8. Being a mom gives you the excuse to have those few extra inches on your waistline (Hello?! I grew an entire person inside of my body, so it has a right to be stretched and imperfect in some places!). Because no matter what you look like on the outside, you will always be beautiful in your kids’ eyes.

CatholicMom-10ThingsILoveAboutBeingaMom-1 (1)9. I love that I can witness how my children learn, absorb, pick up, apply everything they see and hear around them (not always a good thing, I know! Especially when Mama is not being kind or patient). Although we have been quite lax many times with our homeschool lessons, learning seems to never stop at home, and the kids, by God’s grace, are growing in wisdom and knowledge every day. At least I hope they are!

All these I consider to be pure grace and God’s miracles - simply because I am an unworthy, broken, sinful mother, and by my own strength and {lack of} virtues, I cannot do much.

10. The last, but certainly not the least (and certainly not the very, very last) thing I love about being a mom: I am constantly reminded that I am here on this earth for a very special purpose; I am not here by accident; I am called to be a parent (and wife) for eternal life. And everything I think, say and do should be in accordance with this calling, which, admittedly, I am often guilty of not doing, but, by God’s grace, I know I can do it.

There are so many other things I love about being a mother — both big and small, some seemingly insignificant. Yes, I thank God every day for calling me to be a mom to my children (and a wife to my husband). Although there are dark, difficult days where I despair and fail and fall and lose sight of this call, I am forever grateful.

How about you, dear friend? If you’re a mom (or dad), what do you love about being one? If you’re not a mom (or dad), what do you love about the life you have now? God created each of us for a special purpose. May He lead you to know what that is and bless you as you strive to fulfill it. (Do pray for me, too, that I may live out my role as a mother to the best that I can, by God’s amazing grace!)

Copyright 2013 Tina Santiago-Rodriguez