We Are There We Are There

We sit in the sun, in the pouring rain, in the cold with blankets, on the hard metal bleachers every Saturday and Sunday and on evenings scattered throughout the week, we sit and we watch. We are the parents who choose to be in those stands watching, cheering and supporting our children on the court and on the fields of any and all sporting events that happen. Some of us are screaming and cheering and others just watching but no matter how loud or quiet our voice is we are there. We are there not to be entertained, although many times we are. We are there, not to socialize with other parents but it is a great way to get to know others. We are there to support our children whether they are the stars of the team or the bench warmers. We are there because we love them.

Our being there does so much more than at this moment we could ever know.

As a child my parents were always there but many of my friends were just dropped off. My parent’s presence gave me confidence and belief that what I was doing mattered to them and was important. They built my self esteem and hugged me and let me cry when I was horrible and hugged me and smiled when I was not.

We are parents and we are there on those bleachers because our presence signifies love support and confidence for our children for the rest of their lives; simply because we are there.

Copyright 2013 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp