The Labyrinth The Labyrinth

My children were excited to see this labyrinth. They followed the bricks around this way and that way and came to the center of it all. Then they would start from another place and end up at the same end point. Finally one of them said to me “Mom, no matter which path we take we always end up in the middle.”

Wouldn’t it be great if that is how our lives worked? If when we started on a path we had the reassurance of the labyrinth that we would find the correct end point. Well, because God gave us free will we are able to choose which ever path we desire to follow. Every path ends at some point but not necessarily where we wanted it to end.

God guides us throughout our earthly lives to follow His path. When our eyes are set upon God we find ourselves closer to the desired endpoint. However, many times in life we lose focus. Instead of looking for heaven we look to earth. We are distracted by the other paths filled with riches, lust, comfort and human pleasure. Often times we forget that the only thing that will ever fill our hearts or satisfy our longing is God. God’s love, selfless giving and loving all those around us will give us all that we desire. But we are humans and get lost in the maze.

Today, think about your labyrinth, your life, and what path you have taken. Are you following the voice and guidance of God? Or are you following the things that call to you from this world? Most importantly which end point do you want to reach; heaven or the things of this world?