Little Fulton, St. Lawrence and Burn Safety Awareness Little Fulton, St. Lawrence and Burn Safety Awareness

On January 8th, 2013 a little piece of our world was turned upside down. I remember the day, mundane at its start, flipping on end when I received news from my online friend Cassandra Poppe's family. Cassandra's small four-year-old son Fulton had been badly burned in an accident at their home. They were requesting urgent prayers as little Fulton's life hung in the balance. I remember posting to Facebook that afternoon, requesting prayers. Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting Cassandra and Jay Poppe in person, that day and the months that follow have helped me to feel like a tiny, little part of a precious family that I hope to meet some day in person.

In the months that have ensued, we've continued our prayers for Fulton and his family. We watched him make incredible progress and cheered when he was able to rejoin his family at home. He still faces remarkable challenges, but when I ponder the word "strength" in my mind, I immediately have a mental picture of Fulton, Cassandra and Jay. Every step of their journey has been a testament to their faith, their complete conviction that God holds them in the palm of his hand. There have been tears, yes, and likely anger and questioning too. And yet I look at the Poppe family and see a true witness to what it means to be a person of faith.

Fulton Poppe, Superhero! Fulton Poppe, Superhero!

So I wasn't at all surprised when Cassandra emailed me on Monday -- the feast of St. Lawrence of Rome, Martyr -- and shared a special project: a burn safety activity. In typical Cassandra fashion, this mom who had been through so much with her son was thinking about how this feast day could be used to educate other families to avoid burn injuries.

Cassandra has created a simple fire safety activity for you to use with your children. In the post, she offers great suggestions on how to educate your children about burns, first aid, and avoiding flammable items. She suggests doing this activity annually, but I think a few times a year would be even better. In a burn injury, every second counts. Having children who are trained responders (and even better who know what to avoid and why) could make all the difference in the world!

Would you please download and share this activity today? Also, while the printer is printing, please offer a prayer for precious Fulton, for his family and for all those who suffer burn injuries. May their pain be eased and may they know the soothing relief of God's unending love.