Just because I am going to speak to my idea of the ‘perfect’ Rosary App, does not mean that ones on the market currently don’t have any merit. I also realize that being an Android vs an iOS user can mean that I'm missing out on the more loaded or more feature friendly apps.

If this utopia of rosary apps exists for iOS, please be sure to share that with me!  (You may want to do it privately so my husband doesn’t start to worry that I’m out buying more technology.)  Even if you don’t, I still may have to break down one of these days and get myself at least one iOS device.

But in the meantime, I’m all about the Android, and this is what I see as the rubric for the perfect rosary app right now.

looking for the perfect android rosary app

It must:

  • Operate with or without audio  (so I can use it in Adoration if I forget my headphones)
  • Include artwork (not just images but real art) especially individual pictures for each mystery
  • Include a corresponding scripture verse for each mystery
  • If in audio mode, the voices have to be clear and easy to understand, soothing and not distracting
  • Offer an interactive rosary (with various color and design options to keep things fresh) – I especially love the ones that vibrate on each bead so I’m sure I am counting it.
  • Soothing background music – optional but always a positive for me
  • Easy to navigate and allows me to pick up where I left off if on that (not so rare occasion) I have to close the app before I’m done.

Here are some rosary apps I found that meet some of the criteria...until I find the golden rosary,these will definitely do!   *listed in no particular order

holy rosary rosario app

The Holy Rosary: Rosario

Developer: Marcello Pietrelli

daily rosary app

Daily Rosary

Developer:  appsmuseum

holy rosary scriptural app

Holy Rosary – Scriptural Edition

Developer:  Joe Meineke

rosary app


Developer: MB4Android

my rosary app

My Rosary

Developer:  Paragon Works, LLC

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