A Faith Sharing Reflection featuring the music of Catholic singer songwriter: Dana Catherine

I'm just another chapter in this story, another expression of your Glory ~ Dana Catherine

One of the greatest expression of God's love for us is the abundance of his grace available to us. Grace is one of those words I read so often in scripture and books, but for many years had no clear understanding of what it really was. This lead me to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which provided many wonderful explanations of all the ways God's grace bless us.

The following is the "Allison Abridged" version of the definition of grace:

Grace is God's undeserved yet fully given gift of His Holy Spirit within us. This gift of grace helps us to choose God and want to live in his goodness. Grace works in each of us to move each of us to a fuller more complete conversion of heart. In short, it is, as the title of Dana Catherine new song aptly states, “My Savior in Me.”



Scripture Seeking

My Savior in Me inspired a deeper look at the following Scriptures. I encourage you to click through the links; read the scripture and record how they inspire you to see Jesus, our Lord and Savior, in you. Please consider sharing your thoughts in the comment section below. PLEASE NOTE: I am giving you the links instead of the Scriptures in case your heart is moved by the spirit to delve deeper into the text around any of these verses.

Truth and Life:

John 14:6

Dark and Light:

John 3:20-23

How God sees broken vessels:

2 Cor 4:7-10

Courtesy of Dana Catherine. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Dana Catherine. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Have your way in my soul ~ Dana Catherine

Some of the most poignant moments in my faith life have come from surrendering my will in hopes to align it with God's, and to experience the true JOY desired for me. When I have brought down the walls; and softened my heart to be open to believe in something beyond myself – I have never been disappointed. He truly has dispelled the darkness and brought me into the light of his love. The funniest thing: after these incredible encounters with letting go and giving God permission to move within my life, I always wonder what took me so long to let him in!

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What a blessing beyond our understanding to be so loved by Our Father that he would not only create us in his image, but also allow us the great privilege to experience My Savior in Me!

I'm just another pen you're putting to paper, a reflection of my maker ~ Dana Catherine

Ponder and Share

  • What would it look like to allow Christ to have his way in your soul?
  • How can I better reflect God's glory in my life and/or with my family?
  • If your life was literally written down, which adjectives would appear the most?


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