This is one of those interviews that's had me smiling.

Granted, I didn't really know Scott before I dug into this interview. But then I started clicking his links...and I spent a good bit of time on ReBuild My Church with something like awe oozing out of me, and then I had to sign up to be a VIP on Project YM, and then I had to keep up with Perpetual Motion Ministry.


When I learned that Scott's newest child was born this summer, I had to wonder how he can function with no sleep. I mean, he must not sleep, right? Or he must have a special superpower I don't know about...

Scott's an example of Catholic Techie to the max. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Tell us about yourself in five words or less.

Father, facilitator, minister, adaptive, large.

Of your pursuits, what's your favorite?

The pursuit I enjoy most is working with leadership teams, helping them to come up with new ideas and new ways to approach ministry in today's world. I like helping them connect the dots between the story of God as it is presented and the story of God as it is experienced today.

When you think of the New Evangelization from your approach as a "Catholic Techie," what excites you? What makes you want to continue?

The thing that excites me and keeps me going is the opportunity to get information into the hands of the people who need it. There are certain pieces of our faith experience and development that transcend demographics and cultures, yet it seems we all have to discover these things the hard way. I want to get the "truths" both spiritually and methodologically out there and accessible to everyone. We are able to bring such an incredible variety of experiences to the table to be in conversation about what we believe and how we live it, I want everyone to be able to have access to that conversation!

What's the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Getting to be physically present with people who are dedicated to doing God's work, and then through technology seeing how they go out and make their faith physically real in the world.

My two favorite examples of the moment are my friend Willy "Putty" Fontanaez from Oklahoma City who "retired" from professional lay ministry to open a food truck, and then was one of the first ones on the scene providing care and food for the emergency personnel after the Moore tornadoes. He is a great example of how our brothers and sisters always live their faith and he got to share his experiences through the facebook page of "La Gumbo Ya Ya" (his food truck).

Around the same time, I was working with a group of young adults, training them to lead mission trips across the continent over the summer. When the storms hit Moore, they immediately changed their plans and responded to the needs in Oklahoma. I have been able to follow and support them through email and Facebook, as well as share their stories with others!

In your spare time, what are we likely to find you doing? Do you have a gadget in hand or do you go native and screenless?

In my spare time I've been known to brew beer with my brothers, grow vegetables in my backyard with my wife, and I always have my 3 kids nearby. We love hiking and camping and all kinds of outdoor festivities. Jonah is about to be 3, Gabriel just turned 1, and my newest was born at the end of July. I try to stay screenless when I can, but usually check in before bed.

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