I have never been one for talking on the phone, and I’m even worse as an adult.  I always feel like I’m intruding on a person’s busy life, and I am not good at long runs of small talk.  As a result, I don’t use my cell phone much for talking.  Truth be told, I don’t use my cell phone much at all.

dream phone

I think I might, though, if I had the perfect phone for me.  I use my cell phone for other things:  banking, reading, chatting (not texting—I just can’t see paying a dime every time I want to say “Hey, ‘sup?”), photos, and writing.

When we lived in California, and I had to spend hours every week just sitting in the car waiting for the kids, I used my G-1 to write stories, blogs and other articles.

Obviously, cell phones today let you do all this and more, but one thing holds me back.  The phone is too tiny!  Oh!  I have a tablet, but it irks me to carry it and a phone around when they do basically the same thing, plus, I hate the virtual keyboard.  (Yeah, I know—“First World” problems.  Poor me!)

So, listen up, phone manufacturers!

Here’s what would be the perfect phone for me:

  • 6” screen, as in actual reading space
  • Actual button keyboard—or a way to attach a small one. (I’d pay extra!)
  • Really good camera with flash
  • USB drive—or a slot for an extra memory card I can dedicate to photos, docs, etc.  (Yes, I have dropbox, but I’d like something solid, too.)
  • Attachment for a mike, so when I interview people, I can hear them as well as me

I realize that with all this, I’m taking phones back to the age of the Brick.  I’m willing to carry the bulkier phone if it will do what my phone, tablet, laptop, and video camera will do.

What about you?

What would your dream phone have, and would you sacrifice compactness for it?

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