I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without the delight known as Catholic Underground in my life, but there you have it: even old dogs can find new podcasts.

catholic underground

The Catholic Underground, though, isn’t just a podcast: it’s also a radio show and an apostolate of media communications. From their mission:

The Catholic Underground exists to explore the intersection of the Catholic Faith and the work of modern technology. Our programs aim to bring the Eternal Truths of the Catholic Faith to the Digital Continent, the Church’s newest mission field, in a manner that is both approachable and unwavering.

It’s quickly become a podcast that jumps to the head of my line-up, in part because of how Father Chris, Father Ryan, Kathleen, and Jeff cover news, hot topics, and geeky funness. (Yes, I’m resorting to made-up words in my effort to get you to check it out.)

catholic underground small

There’s a camaraderie that makes the hour fly by and a professional level of production that’s easy on the earbuds.

But wait, I said it wasn’t just a podcast. The podcast’s just what I know and devour.

You’ll also find them on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, oh my!

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