As I type this, one of my favorite podcasts is getting ready to celebrate a milestone that makes me smile: 200 episodes.


It all started back in the days when Lisa Hendey was podcasting (remember that?) and one of her contributors shared a "Deacon Moment."

Deacon Tom Fox always touched my heart with his reflections. At the end of each segment, he would say "Blessings!" in a tone of voice that conveyed such a love and enthusiasm for our Catholic faith that I couldn't help but smile.

In fact, I'm smiling as I think about it.


Deacon Tom has since graduated to his own podcasting ventures, and his co-host is none other than his lovely wife, Dee.

They've lapped the alphabet at least four times by my count, using a letter to stand for a "Catholic Vitamin" that will not only make you smile, but will also give you practical ways to grow in your faith life.

In the years since I've been taking my Catholic Vitamins, I haven't missed an episode. I consider it an essential part of my faith diet.

Try taking a Catholic Vitamin or two. I think you'll find yourself better for it!

Here are more podcast highlights...and if you have any to suggest, let us know!

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