I first met Craig Berry when I collaborated on a project with the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Little did I know, until I found out that he had gone all pursue-my-life-of-music, that he's a musician (and quite a talented one at that) in addition to being a brilliant techie-type.

He was the mastermind behind Catholic Tech Talk and just recently started a stream of social media content for Catholic musicians.


Tell us about yourself in five words or less.

Believer. Father. Husband. Musician. Techie.

Of your pursuits, what's your favorite?

Music. Started playing guitar in rock bands when I was 13. Went to school for recording engineering and had a job as an engineer/producer for a few years. Got into Information Technology (pay was better), then Website Development, and now I'm getting back into (Christian) music.

When you think of the New Evangelization from your approach as a "Catholic Techie," what excites you? What makes you want to continue?

I've been interested in computers and gadgets since I was 8. When I discovered (later in life after a conversion experience) these devices could be used as tools to Glorify God and help Build His Kingdom, it took on a whole new level of meaning for me. I get excited by the 'grassroots' efforts of New Evangelization, but also when the 'institutional' Church gets involved in a meaningful way.

What's the most rewarding aspect of your work?

The relationships with people I've met (in person or online) over the past 10 years has been an incredible Blessing!

In your spare time, what are we likely to find you doing? Do you have a gadget in hand or do you go native and screenless?

Spare time? What's that? :) When my 'day gig' of working on websites is over, I'll spend time with the family. After the kids are put to bed, I start working on my music. Musical instruments and iOS devices are ALWAYS nearby. (However, I do take a 3-day silent retreat every January to stay sane.)

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