What Do You Do on the Seventh Day? What Do You Do on the Seventh Day?

…He rested on the seventh day from all the work He had been doing.  Genesis 2:2 

If I had a dollar for every conversation that contained a report of “busyness” I think I could buy something really big!  It seems like most conversations contain a least a partial list of things that we have done or need to do or are planning to do!  We have taken being busy to an all-time crazy level.  Somewhere along the way “multi-tasking” became a badge of honor and the art of “jam-packing” the family schedule has become a trend.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing at all.  We weren’t designed to run full tilt day after day…God intended something different for His children.

Sunday used to be observed as a day of rest, these days more often than not; it’s just a day to finish everything on our to-do list that didn’t get finished during the other six days of the week.  God made the day to rest and enjoy what He has created for us.  It’s supposed to be the day we spiritually and physically re-charge for a new week…so how are you doing with Sunday rest?

Sitting still and relaxing isn’t something I do well…there is always something that needs to be done it seems, but last Sunday was different…it was a Sunday as Sunday’s were intended to be.  We spent a gorgeous Sunday on a pontoon cruising around a lovely nearby lake with wonderful friends. I had to sit still because I didn’t have anywhere to go; I had to relax because I couldn’t bring any work along and it was terrific!  It was peaceful, calming, fun, beautiful…all the things a Sunday was created to be.  There was great food, excellent company, lots of laughter and beautiful scenery everywhere you looked. After several hours on the lake, we docked the boat and there was contentment and a peace that made everything seem better.  As we drove home, I realized what a simple day it had been and I realized I often underestimate the power of simple!

I heard a speaker explain once that the devil’s favorite tool to separate us from the loving will of the Father is busyness. He explained how easy it is for us to get distracted and cranky and tired and negative when we get too busy and overwhelmed…things just aren’t as clear when we’re so busy we can’t see straight.  I realized how true that was as I took the day to simply rest and enjoy some of life’s greatest simple pleasures.  If we looked at our task list, I’m guessing there are some things that could be crossed off.  There might be things there that could be done by someone else if we asked.  There might be some things that we will do simply to impress others.  There might be some things there we’re just too stubborn to ask for help with, and there might even be some things there just to make us look busier than somebody else.  Humm, it’s worth taking a look!  I’ve decided to take a serious look at my list for the week and make sure I add some simple peaceful time.  After all, I don’t remember reading anywhere in Scripture “Blessed be the busiest for he shall enter heaven first.”

A Seed To Plant: Take a look at your task list for the week and see if you can’t dial down the busy a notch or two…satan will hate it!

Blessings on your day!

Copyright 2013 Sheri Wohlfert