As we reflect on theme of sacrifice today with the Small Steps Tour, we thought we'd take a moment to also highlight some of the humorous ways moms grab five minutes.

Today, meet Cassandra. She's a mom of six who's been through quite a bit lately. And yet...and yet she smiles and shines. With this in her dining room, how can she not?


Many of you know her already, because we've held her family in prayer over the months. Her witness and perseverance speak to the beauty that can come of sacrifice...and I don't mean to be a jerk as I write that. It's painful and heart-wrenching, so often, to watch someone else's sacrifice. And how many times, as a mom, do you sacrifice invisibly, in ways that no one knows or appreciates?

Now, if you haven't already join us at Small Things for some Small Steps. And don't forget to enter the "Five Minutes Alone" contest that's going on as part of our blog tour!