As we reflect on theme of gratitude today with the Small Steps Tour, we thought we'd take a moment to also highlight some of the humorous ways moms grab five minutes.

Today, meet Colleen, a Catholic wife, mom of 5, and writer. She reminds me that sometimes, the smallest things can bring the greatest gratitude.

Colleen is grateful for Barney. Yeah, the big purple dinosaur. And after I chuckled (because I've been grateful for the same more than once), I realized that approaching my day with gratitude really changes it. Saying thanks to God leads me to more than the self-focused pity party that's just waiting for me to join.

And I'd like to note that I'm sure Colleen is grateful for a lot more. (So am I.) For one thing, I'm grateful for this Small Steps Blog Tour, because it's forcing me to think through some things I usually try to ignore...

Now, if you haven't already, join us at I Have to Sit Down for some Small Steps. And don't forget to enter the "Five Minutes Alone" contest that's going on as part of our blog tour!