Home Education Families in Fresno Support One Another Home Education Families in Fresno Support One Another

I had a recent email conversation with Veronica, a friend in my own home Diocese of Fresno. Veronica is a member of the St. Therese Home Education support group here in Central California. Established in 2004, the families who belong to this group endeavor to unite in similar goals and activities related to Catholic home schooling.

While the group has had members come and go from our community over the years since their inception, they remain united in their efforts to build each other up in faith. You'll frequently find them sharing prayer requests by email and social media or swapping home schooling ideas and tools. Many members of the group also participate in a women's bible study at a local parish.

While I've never "home schooled", I'm well aware as a mom that every mom is the primary educator of her family. Especially for those of us whose children were educated in public schools, the great desire we have to build our children's knowledge of the faith sometimes feels daunting. Groups like this one provide great resources for learning, dealing with challenges, and passing along your own experiences.

If you live anywhere in Central California, I suggest reaching the St. Therese Home Educators online at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SaintThereseHomeEducationFresnoCA/

If you have a home schooling group you'd like to share, email me at lisa@catholicmom.com and I'll be happy to pass along your information!

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