As we reflect on theme of diligence today with the Small Steps Tour, we thought we'd take a moment to also highlight some of the humorous ways moms grab five minutes.

Today, meet Kelly, who not only has a sense of humor that makes me sorta snort-laugh every few seconds, but who also manages to make diligence look, well, fun.


Five kids, homeschooling, two kids with spinal muscular atrophy: Kelly is the picture of diligence. And smiling while you do it. Diligence isn't easy for any of us, and though there's a temptation to look at Kelly and wish her well (while running the other way at top speed), she's probably looking at you with the same thought.

Diligence calls us to do what we need to do, patiently and persistently. But we don't do it alone. We're not ever alone.

Now, if you haven't already join us at Domestic Vocation for some Small Steps. And don't forget to enter the "Five Minutes Alone" contest that's going on as part of our blog tour!