Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Techie Andrew Haines

Meet Catholic Techie Andrew Haines, whose activities range far and wide but always have Catholicism at the heart.

The iOS7 Upgrade: Improvement or Disappointment?

Katie O'Keefe wonders if the new iOS 7 upgrade is a big improvement or a big disappointment. Find out her take and share your own!

Facebook Safety

Facebook safety is an important topic, and Chad Torgerson has a great resource for all of us to check out and use.

SimplyRain: The Next Best Thing to Silence

Does the noise in your life sometimes drive you to the edge of sanity? Barb Szyszkiewicz has an answer for you in SimplyRain.

Where I Spent My Time Online This Month

Allison Gingras highlights where she has spent her time online in the last month. What's been the highlight of YOUR online time in the last month?

Game Review: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

John Konecsni picked up a bargain copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and shares his review of it.

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