Q. What do you get when you take a super-endearing Pontiff, and a great comprehensive app?

A. The Pope App, powered by News.VA (The Vatican Today)



Live (Webcam):

Focused on: Plaza San Pedro (aka St. Peter’s Square).  Not the most eventful but it absolutely gives you that feeling of being there. Today the sky was the most beautiful blue, with these billowy humungous clouds.  I felt transported to the square!


While it is super neat to know what the Pope is up to – since it is in Italian, and I don’t read that, this feature was not particularly helpful.  If I could read it, I’d have the option to be reminded an hour before the event, or even when it starts – which would be useful if I was attending the event or wanted to follow it online or television.

From the Pope:

Angelus addresses, homilies, and more!  My favorite part of this app: I never get tired of reading or hearing his thought-provoking discourses.  When I initially began following Pope Francis, I considered what he said to be so simple, but now, although it is back-to-basics, I see how beautifully complex it is. In the end, Pope Francis causes me to stretch how I look at my Catholic Faith, which is never a bad thing!



From various sources such as Vatican Radio, Vatican Information Services, and Osservatore Romano.


Such a photogenic Pontiff!  Images are posted from General Audiences and recent trips.


My second favorite feature would be the British voiced-over videos of the Pope’s homilies, General Audiences, and meetings with different dignitaries and guests.  Incredibly well-worded summaries.


In addition to St. Peter’s Square – there are options to view cameras at Bl. John Paul II’s Tomb; Dome of Saint Peter’s; Governorate; Saint Peter’s Basilica; and Castel Gandolfo.


Links to the Pontificial Twitter Account, Vatican.va, News.va, Agencia Fides, L’Osservatore Romano, Press Office, Vatican Radio, Vatican Radio App.

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