The Grace of "Yes" The Grace of "Yes"

Now that I am home from Rwanda, work is beginning in earnest on my next book, The Grace of Yes. Without giving too much detail here, I will share that this book is an encouragement to all of us -- myself included -- to be more open to God's will for our lives.

As I'm writing, I know that sharing this experience with you -- my friends and readers -- will be both a blessing and a source of fuel for the project. In past book projects, you have helped so greatly by sharing your stories and experiences. So expect this space to be filled over the next few months with invitations for you to share your stories.

Today, I come to you with a simple question: how have you said "Yes" to faith in your life? Was your faith-life present in you from birth, or have you experienced a conversion experience in your life? Has your faith-life been unwavering, or have you experienced doubt and/or a loss of faith at any point? And finally, how does your faith life fuel your actions?

If you're willing to have your comments shared with your first name (or a pseudonym of your choice) in my book, please share them here or drop me an email to Thank you -- in advance -- for what will be a true blessing in the writing of this book!