The Big 3-0! The Big 3-0!

The big 3-0!

No, not thirty years old, thirty years married.  November 6 marks our thirtieth anniversary as a couple.  And for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m excited to celebrate.  I’m also proud of us for staying together through good times and bad, sickness and health, richer or poorer.

If I think back to what my expectations were back in 1983 I was pretty delusional.  I still believed that if you did all the right things, you would have a good life.  Now I know that while doing the right thing is just who I am (usually) it doesn’t mean you have a good life.  It means you know how to deal with what happens in your life.  It means you deal with it and don’t walk away.

What does our future hold?  I have some hopes; trip to Italy this summer for one; ordination, God willing, for John; we both hope our children marry and give us grandchildren.  What else? Not sure, except to keep asking God what he wants for us; how we can serve his people.  We’ve worked together in ministry and we like serving together.  Maybe someday we’ll take ourselves on the road, teaching others about the faith.  That is a dream worth pursuing.

What matters most is being together and looking forward to the next thirty years!

Copyright 2013 Deanna Bartalini