Catholic Friends Create Community

Having Catholic friends is important when needing the support of a community.  There are times our family feels alone in our own parish and town by not having close Catholic friends.  Our out-of-state Catholic friends are there to encourage and be there for us more than those nearby.

People (including us at times) act like they are too busy to get together for a meal, yet those farther away from us make the time.  Within the past week, we have shared a meal with an out-of-state guest, and we also went to visit another Catholic's mission and place of work.

Both of these encounters have inspired us in ways unimaginable.  It is truly God's work in progress.

We had been feeling depressed about finances until we found out our friend was coming to town.  It was unexpected and definitely a God-incidence.  His email lifted our spirits and we were overjoyed to be able to spend time with another Catholic.  It was like a family get together where the conversation is so united as we are in our faith.

Being with other Catholics helps us to feed off of one another and stay true to the faith.  It gives us the community aspect that we need, making us not feel so alone.  God never leaves our side, but it often feels as though we are walking in the shadows.  Viewing God through a friend brings back the light and raises the shades in order to see a glimmer of God's plan.

Copyright 2013 Tanya Weitzel