I was listening to the Archdiocese of Denver podcast when one of the co-hosts mentioned the Lanky Guys podcast. It was a passing comment, but even so, she said that she listened to them every week.

There are few things that can make me run to iTunes faster than hearing a compellingly named show—"What does it MEAN to be a lanky guy and a Catholic podcaster? Do they just need some good meals?" I wondered aloud as I opened iTunes—that has a loyal fan base.


In the three or four weeks I've been listening to the Lanky Guys and their Word on the Hill podcast, I've come to realize why they have a loyal fan base.

They're great: entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, delightfully rabbit trailing, in-depth, and like clockwork every single week.

The premise of the show is simple: Fr. Peter Mussett, pastor of the St. Thomas Aquinas Center, and Scott Powell, self-proclaimed scripture genius, dive into the scriptures for the upcoming weekend.

All four of them. That's the Old Testament, the Psalm, the epistle/New Testament, and the Gospel. And they do it in under an hour. With laughter on top.

I have not listened to an episode yet where I'm not verbally interacting—laughing, um-hmmm-ing, jotting down something to check out later. Without fail, they give me added depth in my consideration of scripture.

It's not just fun to listen to (though it IS that), it's also educational and enlightening.

So when you start listening, remember I sent you. I'll take that shout out. (You'll find out what I mean after you listen...)

Here are more podcast highlights...and if you have any to suggest, let us know!

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