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Our writers are honestly the heart and soul of and they are all doing such tremendous work on their own sites. Today, I want to point you to two very special announcements:

  1. Our own Margaret Rose Realy has been nominated for a "Frankie Award" for the Year's best spirituality post! Head to Catholic Spirituality Blogs and support Margaret.
  2. Tech Talker Katie O'Keefe has a very cool series starting up at her blog. Visit her at The Beautiful Music Challenge for Ten Advent and Christmas Hymns Everyone Should Know. And don't worry if you don't - this series will extend throughout the season on Tuesdays each week until Christmas. Katie will share a post with two hymns, including a history, an explanation of the text, (if needed,) and an mp3 or video link to help people learn the songs.

Contributors, have something special you want to share with us? Be sure to email to share your good news!